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Standard Compressors for PET

standard compressors for PET

We can offer, oil-free piston compressors, with water-cooled cylinders for blowing PET bottles. Our compressors are supplied with an electric motor, heat exchangers, instrumentation, accessories, electrical panel, and are mounted on skids: in other words, ready to use.

Astandard compressors for PET

Our compressors compress air and respect all the regulations in force in the food sector. We have designed two lines that respond to all needs: the three stage line -TEMPO2, and the Screw + Booster Piston Compressor line - the BS line.

1. Air Compressor for PET Bottles Model TEMPO2

SIAD Macchine Impianti's product offering for PET bottle air compressor systems is the outcome of our experience of thousands of installations around the world and our ongoing R&D in this area. The TEMPO2 line is a full range of products for high pressure air delivery with completely dry, oilfree air quality. The product is extremely efficient, with low electrical power consumption and high output, stainless steel tubing and large, high efficiency heat exchangers. The design's complete separation of the hot and cold sections, very compact footprint and simplified, low-cost maintenance, are what make the TEMPO2 range stand out from the competition.

2. Air compressor Lines for PET bottles

3. Copressor BS-LINE for PET

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