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Metaris Hydraulics Pumps & Spare Parts

Hydraulic Gear Products

1. Gear Pumps & Motors

MHP/M Gear Pumps & Motors have the durability and reliability of this time tested design. Metaris has combined this technology with modern manufacturing processes making the Metaris gear unit high quality and dependable products.

Bearing Pumps & Motors are available in 10 models with a variety of mounting flanges, shaft configurations & porting options. Multi-section units, piggyback designs, dowelled assemblies & flow dividers are all available.

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2. Specialty Gear Pumps & Motors

MK20 & ML51 Pumps & Motors have a combination 2/4 bolt mounting flange & bi-rotational construction gives you the option of installing as a pump or motor, making these units the most flexible in today's cost minded market.

The ML51's large diameter dual porting (side & rear) and the MK20's wide range of output flows / pressure ratings of up to 3000 psi will lower your inventory requirements and provide you with a popular product offering.

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3. Lubrication (Lub) Pumps For Metso Cone Crushers

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Industrial and Mobile Vane Pumps


MV Series intra-vane design pumps are the workhorse in industrial applications. The 12 vane design, with noise ratings as low as 62 dB(A) makes this the ideal pump for the confined spaces of the industrial workplace. The Metaris MV pumps offer high volumetric efficiencies, pressures to 3000 psi and time proven reliability.

MVQ Series intra-vane pumps for the mobile market are unmatched in reliability and service. The 10 vane design offers the capability of speeds and pressures required for the mobile environment. The MV & MVQ series are available with the Thru-drive capability.

Tandem Pumps Available in Series:

  • • V2010/V2020
  • • 2520V/VQ
  • • 3520V/VQ,
  • • 3525V/VQ,
  • • 4520V/VQ,
  • • 4525V/VQ,
  • • 4535V/VQ

Triple Pumps Available in Series:

  • • 2520VQSV10
  • • 3525VQSV10
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Hydraulic Piston Products

1. MA10VO/VSO Piston Pumps

MA10VO Open Loop Piston Pump has proven to be the pump of choice. Rear and side ported, thru drive auxiliary mounting flange and a large selection of flow and pressure controls makes this pump a strong, versatile alternative in both industrial and mobile applications. Low noise levels, excellent control repeatability, short response times and pressure ratings up to 4000 psi are just a few of the performance characteristics this pump has to offer.

Controllers available : Pressure, Pressure/Flow, Pressure/Flow/Power.

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Hawe Radial Piston Hydraulic Pump

Hawe Radial Piston Hydraulic Pump
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MPVH Piston Pumps


The MPVH Open Loop Piston Pump. Heavy duty construction and the durability of the cradle bearing design makes the pump ideally suited for the Mobile market. Available in four displacements to meet your customer's demands.

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Volvo® Piston Pump Replacements

Avid Impx offers a broad range of piston and vane pumps for Volvo® applications. Totally interchangeable, quality engineered with very competitive prices has made Metaris a leading world supplier of aftermarket pumps and components.

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