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Hydraulic Gear Pumps

9. GPA internal gear pumps

Fixed displacement internal gear pumps available in single,double & quadruple configuration to suit a wide variety of applications

1.7 to 63 cc/rev

100 bar

upto 4000 rpm

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10. HE Power-packs

HE powerpacks are optimized for demanding applications.They are designed for use in trucks operating in harsh climates,or for heavy material handling applications with long service intervals.

The HE power-pack is based on a versatile platform that allows customers to combine 80mm-134 mm dia motors (0.3 - 4.5 kw) with a variety of pumps (0.24-5.7 cc/rev)..An unit can individually control several hydraulic cylinders.The core of systems consists of 3 different adaptors with alternative shapes & variable assembly direction.

Besides a bare motor-pump unit , it can be supplied with various accessories viz : manifold, flowcontrol valve.checkvalve, pressure relief valves

Typical applications :
Stackers, electric forklifts, scissor-lift trucks, aerial lifts.

Key customers : Maini material movements (I)-Bangalore, Baka lift-Bangalore, Jaldoot materials-Pune, Nacco, Crown, Yale, Hyster , BT-Sweden , Juergenrich etc.

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11. Rotary geared flowdividers


Cast iron rotary geared flowdividers are high precision & suitable for

* Synchronized operation of multiple cylinders & motors
* Proportiion of pump output among several circuits
* Intensified pressure when pressure higher than pump capacity is neededncy are required.

Flow range:
5lpm to 200 lpm

No. of sections :
2 to 4

Maximum :
outlet pressure-307 bar

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12. Hydrostatic fan drive systems

These systems are suitable for HEMM equipments & trucks. This system enables operation of the fan irrespective of engine speed. This features enables saving of fuel & reduces emissions,noise & operating temperatures.

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13. (6 to 28 cc) W900 Pumps


DC motor ranges:12/24/48V in the range of 1.5 to 45Kw & a W-Series gear pump with displacement of 0.8 to 31cc/rev.

Auxillary , safety ,support, lift, move & propel functions in trucks, material handling & construction equipments.

Typical applications:-For steering applications in construction/earthmoving equipments, For VRM (Raw mill) applications in cement plants of SMS/FLS & Krupp design ..typical part nos: WP09A2 (1800752) & WP09A3 (1801688), Windmill applications-Vestas & Nordex wind electric generators.

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14. Kawasaki Loader Pump - 4408361480

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Main hydraulic pump

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15. Kawasaki Loader Pump - 440836133

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Hydraulic pump-2990055

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16. Kawasaki Loader Pump - 4409361170

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Hydraulic pump-2104869.

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17. Komastu Loader Pump - 744002

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Hydraulic pump-2103366

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